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Five golden reasons to pull you in android development

As you may have noticed, i am very passionate about android development, and have worked both freelance and full-time on many great and interesting projects. Android contained a canvas i needed to portrait all the ideas roaming around my head, and boy was it vivid.

Now, we stand in an era where mobile devices are a dominant piece of tech people use to go about their daily lives. Judging by Statista, over 52% of web content is viewed via mobile devices. And who stands on top of that hill, well you guessed it, android. By seizing 73% market share in the past year, android os wears it’s crown proudly.

So, whats in it for you? Well, allow me to let you in on 5 reasons why you should hop on this train.

1. Dominant OS = High Demand

As you have probably drawn conclusions from numbers I stated above, android developers are high in demand. Not only this allows you to be more creative because you have a wide set of options for employment, picking what project suits you best, it also sets your mind at ease because you won’t have to worry about waiting too long to start turning those ideas into reality. If you are a more free spirited person, you have large, and i mean LARGE pool of freelance websites like Guru, Upwork, Fiverr. Financially speaking, according to Indeed average salary in the United States is $123,336 (estimate based on 2,737 salaries submitted to Indeed by android developers).

2. Costs you nothing to start

Unlike iOS (Virtual Machine aside), android development is cross-platform, meaning you can work on both PC and Mac devices, essentially costing you nothing in investments. On top of it, Android Studio is a free IDE and you do not have to pay any licencing for using it. And if you are worried about available libraries, oh you’re in for a treat. “Good guy” android community got you covered, with it’s vast free solutions that make life so much easier.

3. You become REALLY flexible

And what i mean by that is by coding an android app, you are essentially coding in Java. With that, you are always able to conquer new challenges you may like in the future, that are not related to mobile development. Yes, Java is one of the most versatile (and with that popular) programming languages out there. And yes, it is really high in demand due to it’s nature to be implemented in web, desktop, IoT projects, you name it. Of course there is Kotlin too, but we will save that story for another blog post.

GitHub – Year In Review language popularity

4. You will never be in a creative/career rut

Trust me, been there done that. Sometimes life gets to a point where you are stuck in a job or in a project that simply feels and actually stays the same, no more new projects, no more thrills of learning new things.. Worry not, android is developing really fast. So fast that you will not have a single dull moment, nor creative block as wonderful new opportunities like Android Auto, Android Things (oooh i love IoT), Wear OS etc. are always on the horizon.

5. Lone wolf? No problem

All of us are different, there’s no doubt about it. Some like working in groups, some prefer to do their business on their own. And that is totally fine, we all have our own “zen zones” where we feel most productive and creative. Unfortunately, many can’t afford such comfort, as most professions (even programmers) are forced to work in a team. Now, mobile app development is in a category of it’s own regarding that issue, android part of it especially. With google store, you pay a one time fee of 25$ and you can roll out your apps as much as you like. That’s where monetization takes the center stage. In-app ads, purchases, and the whole freemium model is hugely popular, which becomes your “bread and butter”.

All you need is desire and dedication

As with anything in life, if you dedicate yourself to something, put in the hours, practice, it will come true. Huge amount of resources available for learning android development makes it so much easier, now more than ever. Community is really friendly, reliable and very knowledgeable. Many online courses are free (Udemy, Official Android etc), youtube has lots of really helpful videos done by professionals, and if you want to, you can enroll some paid classes.

man programming using laptop

Now that you’ve walked trough these reasons (there are many more, but some joys are best when they are discovered by oneself), try giving it a shot and see if it works for you. And make sure you let me know about your experiences.


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